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Allopurinol which can also be called Zyloprim is one of the pharmaceutical potent drugs that work effectively for the treatment and the prevention of gout or kidney stones. Allopurinol helps the body to minimize uric acid production in relation to chemotherapy 


Allopurinol for its composition contains in tablets 100mg or 300mg with the following ingredients: 

For 100mg: 

· Magnesium Stearate; 

· Lactose; 

· Potato starch; 

· Povidone. 

For 300mg: 

· Magnesium Stearate; 

· Corn Starch; 

· FD&C Yellow No. 6 Lake; 

· Lactose; 

· Povidone. 

Pharmacological Action 

It is advisable to adhere to all instructions given on Allopurinol usage. Ensure you don’t take more than what is required. Take enough quantity of H²0 purposely for kidney stones prevention. Use the drug after a meal. Allopurinol helps the body with the reduction of uric acid. You must keep away from automobiles based on dizziness until you are free from the effects of the drug. 


Allopurinol as a drug intended to work effectively for the treatment and prevention of some medical problems involves the following indications: It is used specifically for patients who exhibit the symptoms of gout both in primary and secondary level such as joint destruction, acute attacks, and uric acid lithiasis or nephropathy. It works for leukemia patients. It helps with the treatment of enzymes disorders. it also has the propensity to treat cancer.  

Mode of Indication, Dosage, and Duration of Treatment 

Your doctor knows the best; therefore, you are advised to bring into your doctor’s awareness if you have medical issues such as HBP, liver disease, diabetes, kidney disease, congestive heart failure or if you are on chemotherapy. Pregnant women and lactating mothers must request for specialist advice from their doctors for vital medical instructions. In relation to the dosage, you are expected to take this drug as it is prescribed by your doctor and ensure you take it with an adequate amount of water. Notify your doctor if symptoms do not show up after undergoing treatment for 6 weeks. 


· You are expected to stop using Allopurinol when you start feeling terrible allergic reactions such as skin rash, swelling of lips and face, etc. 

· Pregnant women and lactating mothers are restricted from this drug unless recommended by your doctors. 

· Drug usage must be halted if it has a negative effect on patients liver. 

· Asymptomatic hyperuricemia patients are restricted from their use. 

Side Effects 

Allopurinol comes with some side effects on patients with allergic reactions to this drug. You are then expected to stop the drug usage and notify your doctor when the symptoms start to surface. The following are some of the symptoms: 

· Drowsiness; 

· Skin rash; 

· Liver problems; 

· Nausea;  

· Vomiting; 

· Diarrhea;  

· Headache; 

· Gustation changes;  

· Blood in urination or painful urination. 

Missed Dose 

Peradventure you miss the drug usage; there is a room for taking it after recollection. However, ensure it’s not close to the time for the next dose.  


You are expected not to take at a time two doses. If you take more than the prescribed number of dosage, ensure you notify your doctor or call for an emergency. 


Ensure you make your doctor know before embarkment on treatment with Allopurinol if you are allergic to the drug and if you have medical conditions such a liver diseases, moderate-severe kidney impairment, chronic heart failure, extreme loss of water from the body. It is quite inadvisable to use Allopurinol for the treatment of these medical conditions based on its side effects. 

Interaction with Other Drugs 

When it comes to the interaction of Allopurinol with other medications, patients are advised to be very cautious as you are to verify well enough from your doctor before deciding to use it with other drugs. It is considered as a risk. You are advised to avoid its interaction as it may result in a severe medical condition with severe side effects. However, if you wish to get it involved in any interaction with food, tobacco, and alcohol, you must seek first your doctor’s advice before consumption. 

Dosage Forms and Strengths 

Allopurinol comes in tablet forms with 100mg, 300mg, and 500mg. This is meant to be taken based on the age status and the class of illness involved. You are expected to take it once in a day. Take it after food and with a large quantity of water. Adhere to your pharmacist’s or doctor’s prescription.